Elvis the Corgi 1st Birthday Photos

Somehow, my pet photos ended up passed around in a local Corgi lovers group on social media, and I was faced with what I lovingly call “Corgi-palooza”!

One of the beautiful Corgi dogs who came to see me was Elvis. Elvis is a handsome dude who had turned a year old, and his person wanted some fun updated images of him.

As always, we played around with some solid color backdrops before adding in props. Elvis showed off his big smile and a few tricks, too!

Corgi pet photos in a studio

Corgi First Birthday Photos

I’m always open to creative and fun ideas for pet studio portraits, and birthdays are a favorite reason to celebrate!

Many bakeries have opened in the Denver/Lakewood area, offering custom dog cakes (like Wag N’ Wash, which provides all kinds of dog treats made in-store).

Are Balloons Good for Pet Photography?

As a pet photographer, I have found that many dogs fear balloons. While these make fun and beautiful props, they are only suitable for some dogs.

Balloons move funny, stick to fur, and pop unexpectedly. They are also unusual, and dogs do not often see them at home. If you want to use balloons for your pet photo session, I recommend acclimating them to loose balloons around your home first.

Start small with a single balloon. Use praise and rewards to making being around it a positive experience.

Elvis the Corgi did great with them! His person brought balloons filled with confetti, which photographed beautifully. We scattered them around the floor, and Elvis gave us this adorable expression.

Props for Dog Birthday Photos

If balloons are out of the question, here is a list of other prop ideas you can try at home (or for planning your studio session with me!)

  • Fun hats, collars, bowties and t-shirts that the dog can wear
  • Streamers
  • Large bits of confetti (word to the wise, we have to clean those up after….)
  • Pet-safe colors that can be used on the fur, like this brand from Amazon

With anything, it’s important to acclimate your pet first.

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Elvis the Corgi 1st Birthday Photos

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