5 Reasons to Hire a Pet Photographer

I’m biased, of course. As a pet photographer, I want you to hire me! While this is my job, it’s not about the money. For me, it’s about the animals…and giving their humans clear, sharp, fun, and beautiful images that capture their personalities.

Every pet that walks into my studio is different. I love them all.

Here are 5 reasons to hire a pet photographer!

#1 – Your Pet Photos Are Blurry or Dark

I’ll be the first to admit that many of my favorite images of my pets are from my trusty iPhone. It’s a fantastic tool if you know how to use light and scene to your advantage!

As a professional pet photographer, I also know that iPhones have limitations. Many pet owners struggle to capture their pets in a beautiful way, as they are working indoors (dark and shadowy) or with pets that are moving so fast it’s impossible to get the angle right.

It’s tough, I totally get it!

Blurry, dark photos taken at home are one of the main reasons people come to me to have their pets photographed. Something hits differently when we view a sharp, clean, well-lit studio or adventure portrait.

I know how to avoid blur and how to use lighting to give life to fur and eyes. Not only that, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve for helping even the most wild pets settle into their portrait session and show their best side to the camera.

#2 – You Want Photos of Pets For Your Walls

When I walk around Home Goods and see the insane price tags on random “art” pieces often presented in broken frames, I wonder how many people would be so much happier with a print of their pup on the wall.

Make your own art!

When people come to my Belmar photo studio, I offer several backdrop colors. Together, we pick a collection of 2-3 that will be cohesive, highlight the pet, and fit personal preferences.

Some people like a bold, colorful aesthetic, while others choose editorial and natural tones. The sky is the limit.

All of my galleries come with an online print and frame shop so that you can pick your pieces from the comfort of your home. Your pet will be in the spotlight, and that’s so much more fun than a random print from Home Goods.

#3 – Your Pet Is Your Family

Many photographers have made a niche for themselves as newborn and baby photographers, capturing the fleeting days humans have with their young families.

Many people have decided that pets ARE their family, and that’s where I come in. I’m not great at newborn photos, but I know how to work with pets.

It is not silly or frivolous to want photos of your pet like others want professional pictures of their newborns! Perhaps you are among those who wish to have both, and that’s great too!

Pets are absolutely family, and great photos of them is one way to celebrate all that they give us.

#4 – Professional Pet Photos are Fun!

Many people are needlessly concerned that their pet isn’t well-behaved enough to have their photo taken.

Pet photos are not meant to be a model session. They are meant to be FUN!

I use treats, praise, and play to make being on set the best place in the room. Most dogs learn fast that having their picture taken is a lot of fun. I know when to give them a break, when to click, and how to get them moving so that they give us a lot of exciting photos and poses.

#5 – You Want to See Your Pet From a New Angle

Our pets spend their whole lives looking up at as, and us down at them.

We know everything about them from this angle, but have you ever seen your pet from the space where they live?

When I photograph pets, I get on the ground. I’m often below or directly within eye contact of them, which allows me to grab photos of your pet from angles you’ve likely never seen before.

Professional pet photos allow you to view your pet in high resolution, precisely as they are when you sit in their space (not yours). That’s cool if you ask me! Many people receive photos and find things about their pets they didn’t know about before being presented with this fresh perspective!

Professional Pet Photos Are For Everybody

Your dog doesn’t have to be a model, or even well trained.

All are welcome (humans, too!).

If you are interested in learning more about a pet photography session, check out the following resources:

Website: www.timbrephoto.com

Or, book a pet photo session online

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5 Reasons to Hire a Pet Photographer

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