Timbre Pet


I often talk to pet owners who tell me they are waiting to book a photography session until their pet is older and more well-trained. For some reason, people genuinely believe that their dog must have perfect obedience! Honestly, it comes from embarrassment. People often worry their pet will enter my photo studio and act […]

My Pet is Not Well Trained, Can We Get Photos?

I’m biased, of course. As a pet photographer, I want you to hire me! While this is my job, it’s not about the money. For me, it’s about the animals…and giving their humans clear, sharp, fun, and beautiful images that capture their personalities. Every pet that walks into my studio is different. I love them […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Pet Photographer

Somehow, my pet photos ended up passed around in a local Corgi lovers group on social media, and I was faced with what I lovingly call “Corgi-palooza”! One of the beautiful Corgi dogs who came to see me was Elvis. Elvis is a handsome dude who had turned a year old, and his person wanted […]

Elvis the Corgi 1st Birthday Photos