These discounted sessions are for terminally ill pets who will soon embark on their Rainbow Bridge Journey. 

Legacy Pet Portraits


How much do Legacy Photo sessions Cost?

I offer Legacy sessions at a discount as a gift to grieving pet parents. Digital files are included! 

$150 is for in-home end-of-life sessions (last days or hours)
$299 is for outdoor sessions including family portraits for pets that have a few weeks left.


Yes! Other pets and your immediate family are welcome to be in the photos. 

As a matter of fact, I encourage it. 

Can we be in the photos with our pet?


No problem! 

I take your pet's safety very seriously, and it is a rare exception when we comfortably allow dogs to be off-leash for their outdoor session.

Photoshop is fantastic for removing leashes. Don't worry. 

My dog cannot be off-leash outdoors, help!


Legacy sessions in the last days or hours are offered in-home. For pets that are still up for an easy-going adventure, we meet in one of my recommended locations. 

Even very ill dogs seem to perk up for these sessions! It's magical and beautiful to see them enjoying their life outdoors, if only for a moment.

Where Do You Do Legacy Sessions?


This is a loaded question because, at some point, it will be too late. 

Don't wait until the last minute if you can avoid it. However, I'm still here to help if your pet suddenly faces declining health issues. I have photographed many pets on their last day. 

When is it time for a session like this?


Legacy Pet Photography sessions are for terminal pets. These are the beloved animals who will soon be crossing the Rainbow Bridge. 

If your pet faces the last days or weeks, it's time to schedule this session. I offer them at a discount as a gift for grieving pet parents. 

What is a Legacy Pet Photo Session?





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I understand there are times when people cannot afford these photos of their beloved pets.

For this reason, I maintain a Legacy Fund. If you have the funds, please donate!

This will help cover my expenses so that I can offer these sessions at a lower cost, or free, for those who cannot afford professional photography.

Excess funding will be donated directly to Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, CO. or local veterinarians to help cover the cost of treatment for animals in need.

The Legacy Fund